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                  Adela Glyn-Davies,  MDes, PGCertHE, FRSA, FHEA

Adela is a cross-disciplinary visual artist and designer specialising in systems and interactions.  Her work is process responsive  and challenges the applicability and adaptability of the following mediums: traditional and digital graphics and illustration, experimental video, audio-visual interactive code, projection mapping, data mapping, product (tangible and intangible) as well as site installation.

Her work explores systems through their imbalances and mismatches in the context of inclusivity and long-term relatability. This preposition is one of the main threads in her doctoral work, that deals with urban complexity and the question - how we might design beyond inclusion - how do we design for belonging?

Adela holds a Master of Design degree from the University of Derby, having previously studied at the University for Arts and Industrial Design Linz. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, contributing to implementations of Social Design and Systems Thinking into undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in higher education.

Alongside engaging in her visual practice, Adela is currently working as an assist. Professor in System and Design Innovation at the University of Warwick, doctoral researcher at the University of Leeds, as well as collaborating and designing with the Systems Innovation Hub London and the RSA's Good Work Guild.

Practice and research areas: Local to global life-centred Design, Design Complexity, Systems Thinking and Design, Design Thinking, Social Design and Design Activism, Inclusive Design, Speculative Design, Graphic Design, Data Design, Cartography and Data Mapping, UX and Product Design, Design Pedagogy, Studio Pedagogy.


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