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[My / Your East - Serbian Latin]
[My / Your East - Serbian Cyrillic]


This amalgamation of thoughts, reflections, explorations and manifestations, embodies a life-long apprehension of multiplicities.

Nationalism as a matter of faith and faith as a matter of nationalism. Identity versus culture and genocide versus integrity.

Between the confines of the federation and the republic, m
y East remains resonating within my mother's anecdotes and my kin's sorrows.

One Balkanisation for us and another for you.

[Mixed Media: Photography, Silk Screen Print, Overlay Scan, Digital Compositing + Illustration]

Marble of a Man


[Photography, Scan, Screen Print + Digital Collage]

Marble of a man Ph 1 AGD.jpg
Marble of a man Ph 2 AGD.jpg
Marble of a man Ph 3 AGD.jpg
Rhizomatic East ph 1.jpg

Rhizomatic East



Whilst Deluze and Guatarri argued for the rhizomatic, non-hierarchical points of knowledge conception and the compartmentalisation of complexity, the rhizomatic East continued to disguise itself in binary robes and linear multitudes according to arborescent principles.

The mutualism they assumed was the mutualism they had enforced, repeatedly.

photographs scanned as overlays and digitally composted into three scrolls of collage.]


Rhizomatic East ph 2.jpg
Rhizomatic East ph 3.jpg

The Breakdown and Leverage



Yet another dying system stuck upon rancorous nationalism, prevented a new loop to emerge. The pillars that held the dying loop standing were transnationally propped up by powers settled in topographies of history.

With the downfall of Yugoslavia, a new system was forced into emergence. Amongst the main actors, there was no Vygotskian discourse as such, rather what echoed amongst the 
Dinaric confines, was akin to old vitriolic tribalism that had invaded these same spaces several times before.

It still remains true. If amidst anarchy, minds that built the chaos are not dismantled, the same minds will rebuild the same chaos again at record pace.

[Photography +
 digital composit]


leverage 1.jpg
leverage b.jpg
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