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Glyn-Davies A., Stewart, H. & Cortez, K. (2022). Spaces for Belonging: A Visual Data Mapping Exploration of Inclusive Spaces in Learning Environments. ISBN: 978-1-3999-2916-5


Glyn-Davies A. (2022). Design for Belonging: The correlation between belonging, identity shifts and mismatches in inclusive systems. 1st Civic Lab Symposium on Designing for Civility, Derby, United Kingdom.

Glyn-Davies A.& Russell P. (2021). Adapting social design research methods for socially distanced practice. 23rd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education. 10.35199/EPDE.2021.21, Henning, Denmark

Glyn-Davies A. (2021). Porous Institutions: Future thinking in design pedagogy. ELIA Academy, International Conference for Art and Design Education, Brussels, Belgium.

Glyn-Davies A.& Hilton C. (2021).Utilising Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as a Pedagogical Framework for Design Thinking Projects ®.6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers, Design Research Society, LxD in Jinan, China.


Glyn-Davies A. (2022). Visualising Complexity: Mapping Belonging through Parameters of Identity Shifts, Inclusion and Space. CePRA Practice Research PhD Symposium, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Glyn-Davies A. (2022). Local Regeneration and  Social Design. Midlands Design Summit, Derby, United Kingdom.

Glyn-Davies A. (2022). Migration from a Systems Perspective: Design for Belonging as a developing systems paradigm. Systems Innovation Singapore Hub.

Glyn-Davies A. (2021). The Compassionate CRIT: Applied empathy as catalyst for creative constructivism. The Open University, STEM for ALL series.

Glyn-Davies A.,Mahoney J. & Hawthorn M. (2021). The Uncertain Art School. ELIA Academy, International Conference for Art and Design Education, Brussels, Belgium.


[2022] Group Exhibition : Belonging in Shifts. Artcore, Derby United Kingdom.
[2022] Group Exhibition : Moj/ Tvoj Istok. Direct Action Galleries, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
[2022] Group Exhibition : Moj/ Tvoj Istok. Surface Gallery, Abstract, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
[2022]  Solo Exhibition:    Moj/ Tvoj Istok. Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea.
[2021]  Group Exhibition : Cymatic Habitats. SoHo and Brooklyn Art Walk, New York, United States.
[2020] Solo Exhibition :    Cymatic Habitats. National Parks Peak District, United Kingdom.
[2019]  Group Exhibition : Cymatic Habitats. Markeaton Park, Arts and Crafts Village, Derby, United Kingdom.
[2018]  Group Exhibition : Urban Portraits. The Quad Gallery, Derby, United Kingdom.



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